A marshals year - Yvonne Robinson

Well here I go this is our end of year report it started off at our training day at Warrington then our first rally was the Cambrian our duty for that was Arrival time control, the weather was cold but dry, then it was over to 3 sisters for the Questmead Stages where I was on Passage Control and Barry and martin did the flying finish. Then the first visit to Anglesey for the Lee Holland Stages where we did in stage and I was having some more radio training with Summit 5, then back to home for the North West Stages where we were doing in-stage. Then back up north to the Pirelli Stages at Keilder then back to Anglesey for the SMC Stages, back to Wigan at 3 sisters for the Cetus Stages our next trip was to Kershop for the ATL stages at Carlisle. Then back down to Anglesey for the Enville Stages, the next trip was then to Epynt Rangers for the 2019 Nicky Grist stages. Drive back up north to warcop for the 2019 Pendragon Stages where we were on ATC. Then we went and looked into something different which was the 2019 Autumn Sprint at Aintree very interesting day. Then back home for the Heroes Stages at Weeton Barracks, we decided to go back to our second home North Wales for the running of Rally GB, then back to 3 sisters for the Adgespeed Stages, we decided to go to Oulton Park for the Neil Howard Stages we then said that we would finish our season only to go up to kielder for the Rodger Albert Clark rally so I could do my radio assessment. On some of the events there was myself and Barry and Couple where there were 3 of us where Martin came along. In among all the rallies we attended the Fire Training at Blackburn Services we will finish our year with the First on Scene Training at Blackburn Services.